9 Principles of Innovation – According to Google

I was invited to a talk by Google Creative Labs a while back. They had some really great points on their approach to fostering creativity, innovation and success when it comes to starting out and fairing well in the tech world.

These are the inspiring nuggets I took away from the session. I hope you will find it useful if you’re thinking about setting out on your own venture, or any other relevant area of your life 🙂 :

  1. Innovation comes from anywhere
  2. Focus on the user
  3. Aim to be ten times better
  4. Bet on technical insights
  5. Ship and iterate (don’t wait for it to be perfect; launch the product and then improve as you go along, taking user needs and feedback into account)
  6. Give employees 20% time (to be creative)
  7. Default to open processes
  8. Fail well
  9. Have a mission that matters

The point that resonated with me the most from this session was no. 5 – ‘ship and iterate’. So many people wait till something is perfect before launching it, but the advice of the Google employee leading this session was ‘don’t wait’, because what happens is people end up waiting for ages for something to be perfect before launching it into the real world, that they either a) never do or b) by the time they do, it’s no longer right for the audience, but they are so stuck to their idea or product, that they are not willing to take on feedback and adapt it to their user’s needs. So ‘ship and iterate’ – once you think something is in good enough order, launch it, and then work with your users to iterate the product and improve it continuously.

Featured GIF credit: sourced from Google

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