New Year, New Blog

Welcome to Cloud Cafe & Coffee – my new lifestyle blog! It’s for those who are avid daydreamers, love to read and write, are addicted to drinking coffee (or any kind of hot beverage for that matter) and strive to live a fulfilling yet conscious existence.

The idea behind my new website is that it represents a ‘virtual’ or online cafe – a one stop hub for those who love to learn, be inspired and embrace all the little – or big – things life has to offer. I wanted to create a place for me to share all my loves as I enter my late 20’s – from books, food, beauty and culture, to travel and pursuing and living out my passions – as well as a space to invite my friends and readers to share theirs as well, and to be a breeding ground for ideas, excitement and growth – for an inspired lifestyle.

For those of you who followed, read and engaged with my previous blog,, I just want to say a huge thank you for all your kind words, comments and support over the years. It was my first serious effort to write on a regular basis and share my work with the world, and I absolutely loved working on it. It made me fall in love with words again, grew my confidence to own my own voice and pursue my commitment – although daunting at first – to express myself as honestly as possible when it came to my writing. The readership grew beyond anything I had ever expected, and the strength of the friendships that grew from it as well as those who would unexpectedly reach out to say that they could really relate to something I had written, were all wonderful outcomes that I had not foreseen. It made me realise that what I wrote did have an impact, large or small, and could make a difference to someone’s day, perspective or approach to something.

After 6 years, I have sadly decided to close the site down for various reasons – partly because I wanted to move into a new direction with my writing and offering, and partly because I wanted to start a new venture and create a more visual and immersive site to share my passions with my readers – but not to fear – I will be doing some throwbacks of my favourite posts from on here in the near future!

I really hope you will enjoy what Cloud Cafe & Coffee will bring to my writing. I’m super excited to get started and share all the things 27 year old me has in store, looking ahead with bright eyes into the new year and beyond.

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