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As one of my first travel posts and new additions to my blog writing, I wanted to highlight the fact that I was actually inspired to start Cloud Cafe & Coffee at the end of last year whilst on a short holiday break with a close friend of mine in, you guessed it, dear old cold Copenhagen.

I always find going away an amazing way to re-energise, reflect and re-focus my priorities, and holidaying with an old uni friend was just the boost I needed to get my mojo back. I was in a bit of a rut throughout the most of 2017, across what I felt were all areas of my life, and during my short weekend break I had time to myself to think about all that I had experienced and learnt, and how I wanted to move forward in 2018. We spoke over lots of delicious food, pastries and coffees, and it was really just brilliant to spend time and talk to someone so passionate and determined to achieve their goals in life; being in her presence reminded me of my previous self again, way back when during my old pre-uni and during-uni days when I was ambitious and super-charged to take life by the horns.

So without further ado, I want to share all the wonderful places we visited. I will be doing a separate post on all the food places we ate out at. My friend is a travel-pro and the gal planned all the best places to go and eat at! I was super grateful. The best part of travelling by far is eating all the foood! (And taking insta-worthy pics of course 😀 )

1. The Little Mermaid


If you know me then you know that The Little Mermaid is my favourite story of all time. I’ve wanted to see this statue in the flesh ever since I did lots of background research into the story – yes I know I am a Grade A weird person – but an obsession is an obsession for a reason (I have a separate post here outlining why the story of the Little Mermaid means so much to me). Finding the statue was a little bit of a trek but my friend Nuzzles led the way. I thought the statue was absolutely beautiful – the expression on her face is heartbreakingly sad, but without a doubt represents the pain, longing and loss the story underlies. I must say that I was HIGHLY OFFENDED by a tourist posing next to the statue and proclaiming loudly things such as “Why does she look so sad?”, “Is this about some story?”, “Is there a story behind this statue or something?” -__- I literally wanted to scream: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE WOMAN IF YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THIS STATUE IS ABOUT OMG GO AWAY.” Instead, the civilised me made an appearance – I know, I was surprised too – and I kindly explained the story to her all the while trying to maintain a poised facial expression so my inner rage didn’t show.

2. Tivoli Gardens


Tivoli Gardens is home to one of the oldest theme parks in the world. Naturally, it’s one of the main tourist hot spots. I felt like we went on the coldest night on our trip! This was not intentional, but between sleeping and eating, and more sleeping, this evening was the evening that we ended up going. It was jarringly cold, and Nuz wanted me try out this hellishly scary rollercoaster – apparently one of the oldest rollercoasters in the world – I was literally making all the excuses under the moon to avoid going on it – although she was hearing none of it. Just when I thought my luck was running out, at the last minute we found out that we got the rollercoasters mixed up – there are actually two – one old and one new. We were about to board the new scary fast one, not the old one made out of wood that Nuz wanted to try! Once I saw the wooden rollercoaster I realised that it was much slower and so agreed to go – still screamed at the top of my voice though! The photos that Nuz bought at the end showcase my abject terror. She found it hilarious.

Anyway, I digress. Visit Tivoli during Christmas if you can. It is absolutely gorgeous with the decorations and terribly expensive. Tip: don’t go to Copenhagen or anywhere near Denmark if you’re feeling poor right now. Because believe it or not, you will come back poorer. Thanks Monzo for confirming this to me on my return to the UK. Really appreciated it.

3. Nyhavn


Nyhavn was originally a busy commercial port where ships from all over the world would dock. Today however, this is a famous neighbourhood and the beautiful old town-style houses have been renovated and serve as upscale restaurants lining the port. I think I stumbled upon this accidentally in my half-sleepiness as Nuz had gone off to explore and I had decided to sleep in and then awoke and thought I would take a traipse to find some food 🙂 .

4. Rosenborg Castle


I always try and squeeze in visiting a castle/palace or two on trips abroad. They always have some great paintings which I usually find helps to inspire my writing and other great things to look at which give a real insight into the grandeur of the times. Rosenborg Castle was built by one of the most famous Scandinavian kings, Christian IV, in the early 17th century and holds the Crown Jewels and Royal Regalia today. It was one of the first sights we visited, and although the exterior doesn’t blow you away compared to other castles that exist, the interior is definitely magnificent.

5. Torvehallerne

Tovehallerne is possibly the fanciest flea market I’ve ever been to. It’s been described as not a supermarket, but a SUPER market. And this honestly couldn’t be more true. Filled to the brim with food stuffs from the floor to the ceiling, walking through and watching people chattering, enjoying a laugh over freshly brewed coffee, looking at all the lovingly packaged goods to go, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the atmosphere immediately. I was like a little kid at that massive toy store in Home Alone. It’s all under a roof, with some of the fruit and veg stalls outside, and there are little tables and chairs potted about all the vendors. The vibe (and warmth) was amazing and I got lucky and ended up buying the best flat white ever. Honestly, coffee abroad just tastes incredible compared to some of the stuff I end up having in the UK. But at an average cost of £3-£5 a cup, it certainly doesn’t come cheap!

Chose one of my favourite combinations for lunch – spinach and salmon quiche.
The best coffee I’ve ever had – EVERRR.

We also visited the Round Tower, walked down the oldest street in Copenhagen and did a bit of shopping.

Credit: Nuzhat Tabassum, @thensheappears

And one of my favorite discoveries of the trip…

Sephora! If you’re a girl than this is a must stop shop for all things beauty – my friend Nuz is a huge fan and she totally got me into it. From not even being sure I wanted to browse the store, to working my way through a good half of the products and then spending my monies on a gorgeous autumnal-orange lipstain lipstick! You’ll be seeing me wear it throughout the UK Spring so I can make the most of it 🙂 It’s such an incredible colour!

This is Part One of two blog posts on my trip to Copenhagen – my next post will be about all the places we ate out at. Click the follow button below to get a notification when Part Two – ‘Copenhagen – Places to Eat’ goes live!

4 thoughts on “When in Copenhagen | Places to Visit

  1. I spend a weekend in Copenhagen, 15 years ago this month. I saw the little Mermaid, the castle and the Vasa Museum. Loved it all. Hope I get back one day

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved it too! I went during the winter but would love to go back in the summer and see what it’s like xx


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