It spilled everywhere, just everywhere.

It spilled everywhere, just everywhere. Anticipation. Like liquid chocolate slowly dripping into your mouth after being deprived of sugar for so long. After days of nothing, but tasteless boiled chicken and pale grey broccoli.

“Your body needs to be in line with the Golden Ratio.” I remember the woman looming over me saying.

“What’s the Golden Ratio?” I asked.

“It’s the…”

My brain goes blank. I can’t remember. Why can’t I remember?

I must have moved slightly without realising, because there was a sharp intake of breath from the dark woman sitting on the stall beside me. I sat up straighter immediately, hoping The Guard behind the glass window in front of us hadn’t noticed.

Of course he’s noticed. I sigh inwardly, making sure not to move an inch as he raises a black eyebrow at me.

Everyone is tense in the room, and their breathing has become shallow.

We are all waiting.

I can feel the women in the room stiffen, slowly adjusting themselves, making sure the thin black net falling from around their necks is draped carefully over their bare nipples; sticking their chest out slightly, higher; letting their hair fall to the side like the slow waves of a small waterfall.

There are seven of us. And we all look similar. He has a type.

We are not allowed to talk to each other.

I am currently undertaking a novel writing course with the fantastic Curtis Brown Creative team. I’m on my second week and absolutely loving it. As I did with my previous writing course that I completed back in 2015, I decided I would blog and share my work and tips, wherever I can, in the hopes that other aspiring writers will find it useful. The above is the result of a free writing task of 15 minutes we were set this week with a prompt. Hope you enjoyed it and would love any feedback.

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