10 Nineties Songs Still On My iPod

I was born in the nineties and so have had the fortune of growing up in a decade with some absolute classics – some tragic, others magic – which I still find difficult to shake off today, even though it’s 2018. It’s always nice to listen to a song from ‘back in the day’ and be swept back to childhood when all you had to worry about was going to school and which friend you were going to break up with that day. Some of the songs on this list I absolutely love and will always remain timeless for me; others are linked to a strong memory or event in the past. I have found that songs have a strange way of linking themselves to a time in your life and remaining that way; listening to a song is so much more powerful in reviving a distant memory – sometimes unnervingly so. However, nineties songs will always be a gem for me – a reminder of the days of trying to record songs off the radio, listening to my Sony Walkman and pleading with my Dad to buy me the latest MP3 player.

I grew up listening to pop, ballads and old R&B, mostly because this is what my siblings listened to – although my tastes have greatly matured since the early 2000’s (I think so anyway, haha). Here are a list of the 10 nineties songs which will probably remain on my iPod indefinitely, because they’re absolute classics – CLASSICS:

1. Angel Of Mine – Monica (1998)

Eternal also have a version of this song which is slightly more upbeat. My friend Tom always makes jokes about me listening to nineties power-ballads; he’s known me for so long now that my nineties music tastes make it to the butt of several jokes on far too many occasions to count!























All songs are re-done, this is what I have discovered now that I’m a gown up – nothing is original, not even Harry Potter:





















2. So Into You – Tamia (1998)

A great R&B-pop song; Fabolous did a remix with Tamia of this song a few years later (like I said, nothing is original) but I prefer Tamia’s by far. Aaah, I miss these simple videos!



















Here’s the gangsta version:

















3. Sometimes – Britney Spears (1999)

I can’t have a post on nineties music and not dedicate a shrine to Britney! My brother was absolutely in love with her growing up so naturally I would steal his CD’s. I still remember dancing around my room to this!














4. I Turn To You – Christina Aguilera (1999)

Great song to belt out in the shower when you’re feeling emotionally volatile (so for me, basically everyday -__- ). P.S. I love her death stare in this thumbnail.










5. Truly Madly Deeply – Savage Garden (1997)

This song makes me sad and it makes me feel happy (melancholy happy – is that a thing?) It confuses me. But ultimate classic ❤








6. I Love The Way You Love Me – Boyzone (1998)

Timeless boy band classic. LOVE EM. They don’t make boy bands like they used to. Hold on a sec – they don’t make them anymore at all. RIP One Direction. (Side story: my sister was obsessed with Boyzone growing up so that’s how I ended up listening to them while I was rifling through her room when I wasn’t supposed to heh heh 🙂 ).







7. Bring It All To Me – Blaque (1999)

I used to think their outfits/makeup/hair were so cool 😀 And so many wise words in this song too: ” YO YO, see what I know is, when you tryna get with someone, it should never be about money, cars, diamonds or rings.” – not sure I agree with the latter but she’s got a good point. So many gutsy lyrics in this song, I love it.





8. Hidden Agenda – Craig David (2002)

OK so this song doesn’t fall into the ‘nineties’ per say – well it doesn’t, period – but it’s close enough. Craig David also comes from Southampton and went to school with my brother. So homies from Soton always support other homies from Soton! Fun fact.



9. Miss You – Aaliyah (2002, posthumously)

Again not exactly in the nineties, but it feels like it was.


10. Breathe Again – Toni Braxton (1992)

Not sure what to make of the wedding dress/maze video… but it’s definitely making a come back (have you seen the latest Rita Ora and Liam Payne shenanigans for the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack?), but yeh, Braxton’s voice/this song makes up for it.

So that’s the list. There are many more now that I think about it, including *NSync, Backstreet Boys, Boys II Men, Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, Lene Marlin etc. I miss the nineties!

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