Food for Thought: Notes to Strangers

I recently came across Andy Leek’s Instagram, a place where he posts images of inspirational and thoughtful notes left for strangers or passerbys. I’ve seen some great stuff on his page, and thought I would share some of my favourites here. The messages cover all things that one may encounter in life – from love, motivation and career, to making decisions, living out your passions and staying true to yourself.

I have so many favourites, so it was hard to wittle it down, but the following are the ones that resonated with me the most and I thought you’d enjoy too:

23Yes! And it’s so easy to forget this. At the end of school and first year of uni I thought – that’s it – I’ve made all my friends for life! But this is SO NOT TRUE. The more open you are and willing to engage with others, you’ll find that everyone has the potential to be a new friend and someone that adds value to your life. Never forget that!


Having experienced this first hand – I couldn’t agree with this more. When things don’t always work out as you planned them, if you delve further, more or better opportunities can arise or be found!


So many entrepreneurs talk about getting ‘lucky’ with their success – and yes – timing can play a big role, but without hard work, or some work at least, people don’t just get ‘lucky’. I find the two definitely go hand in hand in some way, and usually hard work leads to getting ‘lucky’ more often. Hmm, perhaps a little philosophical – certainly hard to prove anyway! Take from it what you will!


Wise words to live by. So many people fear rejection – but honestly, the worst that can happen is that you get a ‘no’. The world will still spin and you might feel upset for a while, but the days will go forward as will life. So if there’s something or someone stirring your heartstrings – just ask! Or ask for that promotion at work – whatever it is – go for it!


Saw this the other day when I was having a bit of a moment when I was feeling sorry for myself – wondering what on earth I’m doing and feeling a little clueless with where my life was heading or where my head is at. It just reminded me not to be too hard on myself and to remember that I have worked incredibly hard to be in the position that I am today and yes, the chances are that I’m doing better than I think! As people I think we tend to be particularly critical of ourselves – especially if we have a habit of comparing ourselves to others!


I couldn’t agree with this more. Part of me wanting to take this Gap Year/career-break is to dedicate more time to my dreams and take them more seriously! Self-belief comes and goes like violent waves but I think that’s all part of the process!


I’ve always been quite hard on myself – probably why I end up overworking, burning out and getting ill! So yes, this year I am definitely trying to take it easy on myself and do my best to balance work and life better.


I’m a strong believer and proponent of this. So many people just complain or endure stress, when they have a means to take control and change it. In the long run, it’s not worth it – especially work stress – your health, sanity and wellbeing is so much more important – so priorise this – whatever you need to do to manage the stress better or get rid of it – do it!


Agree or disagree? I would say I agree with this statement but not all situations require acting fast. I do think we Brits have a tendency to OVERTHINK everything though.




Following on from the previous message – you’re naturally going to be better at doing something you love and enjoy.




This made me lol. Obviously we don’t know if cats have body confidence issues or not, but you get the idea behind the message. Think about this next time you look in the mirror 😀 .


Our attitudes and approach to situations we encounter in life is what really distinguishes us.


Changing habits or letting things go that you’re comfortable with can feel like the hardest things to change – but it can be done if you put your mind to it!


If it happened once, it can happen again, no?


Good to know eh?


Sleeping – rest is just as important as hard work! It’s my number one priority right now YEP #lovinglife


Always remember this – debilitating to the point where people are unable to work or do even basic day-to-day activities, such as taking care of themselves and their immediate environment.


Couldn’t agree with this more – the truth will set you free ❤

And finally, this one:


The biggest obstacle in life? It’s usually ourselves – we hold oursleves back, with negative thinking, with little self-belief and that niggling voice of doubt, which tends to crawl into our heads at the most unwanted times. So yeh, get out of your way.

You can browse the rest of the inspirational messages here.

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I’d love to know which your favourites are amongst Andy Leek’s messages and why – get in touch if any of the ones above resonated with you – or any of his others. He’s got lots of great ones! My friend Matthew said that he recently stumbled across one of these notes in London, so next time I take a trip to the capital, I will be keeping my eyes peeled!

All credit and images go to Andy Leek’s Instagram.

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