Top 5 Coffee Shops | Southampton

This blog wouldn’t be called Cloud Cafe & Coffee if I didn’t highlight my love of coffee at some point! In celebration of UK Coffee Week last week (16 – 22 April 2018), I thought I would share some of my favourite spots to grab coffee in my hometown. I got into drinking coffee regularly back in 2014 when I started my first job in London, and haven’t stopped since! If anything, I’ve just acquired a taste for it even more. I love trying different types of coffees (and teas when it takes my fancy) and love nothing better than sitting in a cosy coffee shop – enjoying a hot drink, reading a book or meeting friends ❤

Here are my 5 favourite places in Southampton:

1. Coffee #1

Yes, Coffee #1 is called Coffee #1 for a reason. By far my favourite coffee shop in Southampton, there are a few places where you may stumble upon them if you ever decide to make a visit: there’s one in Portswood, one in the city centre opposite The Marlands, and the one I frequent the most – because it’s my favourite – the one on Shirley High Street. This is because I know the staff well there, the coffee tastes great and it’s got a great vibe; I can sit and just relax, and find that I am really productive whilst working in there. I pretty much spent most of 2017 in there!

Regarding coffee – my go to here is an usually an americano with hot skimmed milk, but recently I have been enjoying their flat whites. They also do a very yummy ginger bread latte. All the coffee here is simply excellent.


2. Waterstone’s Cafe

Waterstone’s Cafe, situated on the ground floor of West Quay, has become my new favourite spot since January. I love being surrounded by books (great inspiration when you’re trying to write one yourself!), the atmosphere is lovely and the staff are great too. My go to here is a flat white! They also do some incredible looking cakes which I have yet to try.


3. Caffe Nero

I was delighted to see a Caffe Nero open up in Southampton City Centre at the start of this year. I always lamented the fact that there wasn’t one before – I absolutely love the hot chocolates there. I think it’s the best on the highstreet. This month however, I have fallen head over heels in love with their oat milk latte. I had a large three times last week (in celebration of Coffee Week ha). I find it keeps me full for ages too – probably because of the delicious oaty milk. If you haven’t tried it – it’s a must!

I also like the decor and cosy chairs. Give me a cosy chair, a good view, a book and free Wi-Fi and I’m yours ❤

Photo 20-03-2018, 15 38 27
Nero… you impress me.

4. Mettricks

Mettricks is an independent hipster coffee shop based in Southampton. They have a number of outlets but the one I frequent is the one based at the corner of Guildhall Square. It can be a bit busy in there sometimes, and noisy in the evenings, but the coffee is gooood and the staff (mostly hipster-ish guys) are super friendly and lovely too. I’ve spent a number of afternoons drawing and daydreaming there in that past.

Why do I love Mettricks so much? The guys there usually give me free coffee! ^_^ The food is also pretty good too.

5. Coffee Lab

This recently opened up on the corner of London Road in Southampton – there’s also one in Winchester. The Southampton venue/interior is a little bit of a squeeze, but I cannot fault the americanos in here (with hot skimmed milk). I also believe they have some delicious pastries in here – again I have yet to try these. Woes of living the #dietlife

Lounging in the summer sun ❤

I have a few others in Southampton that I want to check out, including the Hoxton Bakehouse, The Artisan and a number of coffee shops in Ocean Village. So let’s see this post as Part One to good coffee shops in Southampton. I also plan on writing a post on some of my favourite Cafe’s in Southampton – so watch this space.

If I’ve missed any coffee spots in Southampton that you think I should definitely try, please let me know below or message me! I would love to hear from you.

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