Monthly Favourites | June 2018

Things that I’ve enjoyed, loved or have taken me by surprise this month – I’ve decided to change the format of these so you as readers can enjoy the things that I have, more easily!

1. Using the Headspace app. It’s an app that I’ve been using on the recommendation of a friend which helps with meditating and practicing mindfulnes everyday. I’ve suffered from bouts of anxiety since the start of 2017 and so decided to give this a go. I listen to it before I go to sleep and I absolutely love it – the voice is so soothing and makes me fall asleep really easily. Slightly defeats the point but I do do all the exercises! You can listen to it whenever, wherever, and it’s available to download from the app store – the first 10 episodes are free! I would highly recommend it – it also has exercises for reducing stress.

2. This episode of Modern Love | The Podcast – Signs, Wonders, and Fates Fulfilled.

3. Old school Bollywood music.

4. Tone Stith on Soundcloud.

5. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath (I know it’s renowned for being depressing but Plath is a beautiful writer and I’ve had so many laugh out loud moments whilst reading this).

The only and oldest copy in Hartley Library.

6. Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton (another great and hilarious read this month – worth the full price that I paid for it at Watersones 🙂 ).

Worth every penny.

7. This Conversations on Love newsletter with Frank Tallis – my favourite part being:

“Love is a great leveller. Everyone wants love, everyone falls in love, everyone loses love and everyone knows something of love’s madness; and when love goes wrong, our relative wealth, education and status count for nothing. The jilted Lord is just as vulnerable as the jilted bus driver. Virtually all the major theoreticians of psychotherapy, from Freud onwards, agree that love is essential to human happiness.” – Frank Tallis

8. This video on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

9. Eating The Date Project’s delicious dates during Ramadan (a bit pricey, but for a worthy cause and they are seriously delicious).

10. Celebrating Eid at the end of a really enjoyable Ramadan this year, in a gorgeous red dress designed and handmade by my very talented sister-in-law.

Originally made for my sister but I nabbed it for the day! Love the folds in this dress.

11. Hilary Swank: “Getting Fired Led Me to My ‘Overnight Success'” – some real nuggets of inspiration in this article, including:

One. Make a choice and then make it happen…Every. Single. Day. Sometimes that means getting out of your own way, whatever that might be: your mindset, a fear, a seeming obstacle, a “setback”… whatever. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, who you’ve been or where you are now. All that matters is that you make choices every single day to work towards your dream.

Two. Inevitably, the universe is going to throw some very ugly curve balls at you. No matter what they look like, never assume any of them are bad. We all have our “firing from the 8th season of 90210” moments. They will pass and after the dust settles, be on the look out for the opportunities that are about to present themselves.

Three. Ignore what everyone else is doing or what society is telling you to do. Don’t let anyone tell you “how” something needs to be done for you to achieve your goals (including me!). Don’t worry about how fast or slow you’re going compared to others. Speed doesn’t matter. It’s how present you are in each moment that matters. There are a million different paths to your end goal. Any path you choose will likely be long and full of ups and downs, so choose the one that brings you the most joy and makes you feel most alive. And then pursue that goal with all the grit, passion and determination you can muster. And whatever you do…Don’t EVER give up.

And Fourth, and this is the most important one, remember that none of your goals are worth anything if you lose perspective on your humanity. At the end of it all, when you’re lying on your deathbed, what matters most is who’s around you and that you’re able to take comfort in the fact that you moved through life with grace, kindness and integrity.

12. Visiting the Isle of Wight for a long weekend with my family (well – half of them!). I haven’t visited for about 12 years so it was great to be back – loved the sunshine and the views ❤

13. Seeing old friends in London.

Walking around Knightsbridge, drinking fresh lemonade and catching up with an old friend and entrepreneur.

14. Watching Dietland on Amazon Prime – I cannot recommend this show enough! I’ve binged on all the episodes available so far and now have to wait a week for the next one – boo.

15. Ocean’s 8 (although it’s not as good as the previous ones – thought that everything happened a little too easily).

16. Dating (side note: as a result of seeing someone who works with celebes on occasion, Adele said I was pretty! – yes THE Adele. MADE. MY. WEEKEND.)

17. Oat milk lattes, donuts, painting my flat and watching the World Cup inbetween mouthfuls of pasta.

18. Introducing The Real Greek in Southampton to one of my favourite Shadabs. I love love love the food there!

19. Planning holidays for the rest of the year (Barcelona, Edinburgh, Botswana – here I come!!).

20. Writing What I Know About Love | 2018 Edition.

If you’ve made it to the end – I’m super impressed! Thank you once again for reading and letting me know your thoughts – I love seeing people enjoy the stuff that I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying and recommending!

Aurevoir for now xx

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