POEM | All the motions

Life, the hustle and bustle, pass me by, in a beautiful mellow haze
But when I close my eyes, and hope to die, I see, through the orange warmth against my lids, your weloming gaze
And I wonder, what is life, but an endless phase? Of one stage and then another, and another, back to back, straight and winding, like an ongoing, dark, maze
Where being lost, is not a place one can just, be
And trying to make sense of all things, the wilderness, my thoughts,
you and me

Is like a cloud of
rainy days
And sunshine rays
And grey, boundless strays
With all the emotions
Running through my veins
I go through all the motions

All the paths, all the trains
I can take
All the wisdom, and all the mistakes
I can make
All the tales, and all the memories
I will forsake
All the loves, and all the passions
I will never partake
All the expectations, all the reigns,
I could break.

Nothing risked, nothing gained.

So I make a decision.

I will try and live.

In the Here and Now.

I’ll go through all the motions.



Moon and Sun.

And eventhough, it’s not what I want.

And to a great degree, it shall all be false.

I’ll go through all the motions with you

On Earth.

But when my time comes, and I fall into the deep run of death
I hope that there will be nothingness at the end of it
Because I’m not sure I can manage anything else.

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